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Gave it a go...

Thanks for your time! We enjoyed your honest feedbacks! :)

its up

It's ON! English build is available.
Hope you'll enjoy. Don't forget to use the app to DL.

hey can I get a hint. I'm stuck in the basement section with the green fire and dont know where to go next. 

I'm not going to be able to get the video up tonight. It's already 8:25 pm here. Once I figure out how to get past the last half of the basement section I'll get the vid up

Did you open the cell with the chemical machinery?

I tried but it wouldn't let me. 

You have to find the key to enter the cell.

Ok thx.

Hello everybody.

We did it. English translation is done. We have a few checks to do and it will release Wednesday, July 10th. English build will be available.
We really hope you'll enjoy this!

See you real soon.

Need the english! :)


English translation is on its way. But the game show old letters about slavery and we are struggling with those. But we are doing our best, and it's coming.


As soon as it's done. ;)

Wheeen is it done? :) Can you play it not knowing any French?

You can play and finish the game without knowing french, but you'll miss the lore, the setup, etc.
You can play it twice when the ENglish update is released!

Hey, eng build will released july 10th.

how large is this file..? i mean after download, it says i have to less space

Hi Harunomaki.

The zip you download is about 6GB and once unzipped it's about 13-14 GB.

i have over 50 gb, it doesnt work, been redownloading few times and says still i have no space

Can you tell with which tool you are unzipping the file ?

Winrar, if u mean this.

Yes that is what I meant.

So, no I have no idea how you can fix it. maybe you can try to download it via itch app :

let me know when the English translation is ready, i would love to do a lets play of this. :) 

Hey AlphaWolf. We sure will. There will be a big update to the project when the englisg texts will be on.

Untill then, feel free to follow us. :)

will do.

heres a link to my channel if you would like to subscribe.


july 10th, will be the day! :)

awesome!!!! I'll put it on my calendar and hope right on it once ready!

It's ON! Hope you'll enjoy. Don't forget to use the app to DL.